Student Talks from the Communicating Science Class
Students in the Communicating Science class are challenged to create and deliver a 5-min public talk on their research.  The talks are to be prepared for a general audience, and are presented at either a local convention, or online via Social Media.  In 2020, the talks were delivered in a Facebook Live event sponsored by Baen Books following a roundtable of scientists and authors discussing science and science fiction.  Each talk was followed by Q&A with the members of the roundtable.
Naomi Bean, Neuroscience Graduate Student
Naomi talks about hemianopia, loss of vision in just one side of the visual field.
Hannah Carlson, Neuroscience Graduate Student
Hannah talks about brain involvement in Alcohol Use Disorder.
Hope Peterson, Neuroscience Graduate Student
Hope talks about alcohol effects on brain and body.
Jada Powell, Biomedical Studies Graduate Student
Jada talks about genetic risks and dementia.
Zihao Zhang, Neuroscience Graduate Student
Zee talks about how the brain and sensory functions develop. 
Sumiyya Raheem, Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student
Sumiyya talks about cancer trreatment and fatigue.
Sydney Sutton-Hyman
Sydney talks about new treatments for breast cancer.
Junda Zhu, Neuroscience Graduate Student
Junda talks about the development of impulse control, and why it is so hard for the young.